You may feel nervous and anxious about attending CBP, that is normal as most people feel nervous when attending their first appointment.  Here you will find further information detailing some of  the  different elements associated with a CBP session.

Your therapy sessions are usually held on a weekly basis and lasts for adults 50 minutes and for children 40 minutes. It is important to acknowledge that the first session may be slightly different as we are getting to know each other.  In addition, there are some key forms which need completing at the beginning and throughout the  different stages of the therapy. Noting the above points, below is a brief  outline of how a CBP session is put together.

The Beginning

This part of the session is time to decide what key points would be helpful to review in working towards the goal of your therapy. Together with your psychotherapist you will create a list outlining the key points you wish to review during the session. It is important to note that if there are too many points to fit into the allotted time, then it is essential to select the points which are important to you.   In completing this exercise you will have created a list (agenda) which will shape and guide the middle section of your session. In addition, another discussion during the beginning of the session will review activities that have been carried out from your last meeting (homework). This discussion will review how you found the activity, highlighting key points you became aware of whilst carrying out the activity.

The Middle

This section is where the points identified on the list are carried out. In general, this part of the session includes different activities for example time to tell your story with regards to a specific situation, highlighting key points (bodily sensations, negative thinking patterns, feelings and unhelpful actions) that you experienced during this situation. It is important to understand that being open and honest with yourself when taking part in the different exercises is vital in helping you to overcome your distress.

Other exercises that may take place during the middle section may include reviewing an activity diary, acting out a role-play, mindfulness, relaxation exercises, reviewing a thought record, planning an activity (Behavioural) experiment to name a few.

The aim of these exercises is to help gain further understanding of your negative thinking patterns and unhelpful actions (behaviours) that are stopping you from achieving your goal. In particular, they provide space and time to try new ways of responding (acting) in  specific situations or space to review thinking patterns.  These activities are key in helping you make the necessary changes to improve your quality of life.

The End

This part of the session is a time to reflect on the exercises undertaken this week identifying key points and learning. Another key aspect in this part of the session is to agree which activity would be helpful to carry out between now and the next session (homework) to further develop new ways of living.  This brings the session to a close.

It is important to note that the above description is not set in stone.  One of the key strengths of CBP is that it is flexible, further emphasising the individuals needs are a  central feature in shaping the structure of the session.

It maybe helpful to make a note of your next appointment together with prompts to help you complete any agreed activities.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.” Unknown

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