Testimonial for Kathryn Gough by Rachael Roberts, Social Worker.

I have known Kathryn since May 2007.  She was a colleague and is now a dear friend and mentor to me.

It’s hard to find words to describe just how capable I believe Kathryn to be.  I do not know anyone who possesses the creativity, passion and professionalism that Kath does.

As a Children’s Social Worker, I work with multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach, evaluating the impact of services on Children’s outcomes.  When I think on the services children receive and what actually makes a difference, it is often the positive attributes of the person delivering the service and their ability to remain professional and authentic at the same time.   Kathryn achieves this balance, which makes her so successful and likeable.

Kathryn’s resilience gives her the energy to work through difficulties and ethical dilemmas while remaining solution focused setting clear, realistic and person centred goals.   When you feel overwhelmed, Kathryn can support and commit to you.  I have had her support as a friend and colleague for the last ten years.

Most of all Kathryn is so caring. No matter who arrives before her, she will consistently invest them.  As a friend and colleague, she has invested in me.  She has taught me how to manage the complexities of the caring profession and I truly believe I would not be the person and professional I am.

Rachael Roberts

August 2016